Can You Make A Copy Of A Broken Car Key

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Can You Make A Copy Of A Broken Car Key

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How to Duplicate a Broken Key or broken car key by Mr. Locksmith. The key can be lined up via the end of the key (the tip) and a new copy cut. Usually, this method is very successful. However, when the key will not work or too difficult to duplicate on a regular key machine the key will have to be decoded and a key cut on the key code machine (ITL).

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How to Duplicate a Broken Key | Mr. Locksmith Video Sep 19, 2007  · Take both pieces to home depot or wall mart or Lowe’s or who ever you have they can put both pieces on a sticky piece of pap per put the new blank key in the machine lock it down ant trace the pattern of broken one to the new one and cut it to the blank and guess what it,s work,s wall aw you can ride your scooter.

You can copy a broken key, but you need a new key. And the key blank costs can vary if the lock uses a patented key profile or if the key in question is a broken car key. In the case of broken car keys, the costs can compound with transponder chip programming.

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