Economic Loss Rule Texas

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Economic Loss Rule Texas


In Texas, the economic loss rule has been applied to preclude tort claims in two related contexts: (1) where the losses sought to be recovered are the subject matter of a contract between

A new Texas Supreme Court decision in Chapman Custom Homes, Inc. v. Dallas Plumbing Co., 2014 WL 4116839 (Tex. 2014) narrows the stranglehold of the Economic Loss Doctrine (ELD) and states that the ELD precludes recovery in tort for economic losses resulting from a party’s failure to perform under a contract when the harm consists only of the economic loss of a contractual expectancy.

economic loss rule is defined as ‘the principle that a plaintiff cannot sue in tort to recover for purely monetary loss—as opposed to physical injury or property damage—caused by the defendant.’”).

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This past summer the texas supreme court handed down two decisions regarding the economic loss rule. The decisions, on their face, look to be completely inconsistent with each other – one holding that a subcontractor can be sued for negligence in a breach of a contract action, and the other holding the subcontractor cannot.

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