How Do Air Filters Work

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How Do Air Filters Work

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Regular non-smart air purifiers operate in either one of two ways: This is similar to how a room fan operates. You set the machine on a desired air cleaning level and it continues to filter the air at this rate on a continuous basis, regardless if the air is dirty or clean. There is no self-detection of air quality.

How Air Purifiers Work. The air inside the typical home is generally dirtier than the air outside, because a house can be a source of air contaminants. moisture can lead to the development of mold and mold spores. Forced-air heating and cooling systems circulate


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Another type of air purifier is an air ionizer. This purifier works by sending out a stream of negative ions that are attracted to positive airborne dust and allergen particles in the air. Ionizers are an inexpensive way to clear smoke and odors, but do not work to remove dust, pollen or allergens.

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How Do Air Purifiers Work? Although they may seem like a new innovation, air purifiers have been around for more than 200 years. What started as protective masks for fireman, air purifiers have now evolved the ability to protect you and your family from airborne pollutants.

No matter what the application, standard air filters all work in a similar way. They clean the air by passing it through a filter media that removes particles like dust, hair, pet fur, and dirt. They act as a sieve to capture particles in the filter media as air flows through it.

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