How Do You Get Word Count On Pages

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How Do You Get Word Count On Pages

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1 Answer 1. You can show the word count, character count, and number of paragraphs in a document. Click View in the toolbar, then choose show word count. The word count appears at the bottom of the page. Move the pointer over the right side of the word count, then click the arrows to see character and paragraph count.

If you don’t see the word count at the bottom of the window, make sure you’re in Editing view (click Edit Document > Edit in Word Online). Click the word count to switch it off and on. Maybe you noticed that Word Online gives you an approximate word count.

A lot of organisations specify a word count for … lengths to get their information and they’ll want it in different ways. For this blog post we’ll assume your content design and writing to user need…

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Jan 21, 2015  · View > Show Word Count. The word count display is also capable of showing characters without spaces, characters with spaces, paragraphs, and pages. Roll your pointer over this floating box when it appears, and you will observe up/down arrows. Click on these to get a menu of items to choose from, including Words.

To view these statistics, open the document in question and click the “Review” tab. In the “Proofing” section, click “Word Count”. The “Word count” dialog box displays, as shown in the image at the beginning of this document. The number of pages and words can also be viewed on the status bar at the bottom of the Word window.

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