How To Use English In Pool

ByCurtis Watts

How To Use English In Pool

One of the hardest things for new pool players to grasp and utilize is putting English on the cue ball. The whole idea of English makes sense, but in practice it can be difficult to understand and recall, especially in the middle of a tight match.

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In other words, if you put a left english or left side spin on the cue ball, the cue ball will travel slightly to the right and vice-versa. Refer to Figure 2 below. The white line indicates the path of the cue ball when hit with no english or sidespin, the black line indicates the path of the cue ball when hit with left english.

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Putting pool English on a ball is a very difficult move that even professional players try to avoid. pool english is when a cue ball is hit in a way that gives it side spin, also called English. English can also happen when a ball hits another ball or rail.

English or Sidespin is an advanced technique in billiards. I would advise newer players not to use english until they have a good understanding and enough experience with the basic (no side spin) shots like stop (center ball hit), draw (under spin), and follow (top spin).

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Jun 21, 2008  · You can use English to bring your cue ball back behind the foul line. In many pool games, if your opponent scratches, you get to shoot the cue ball from anywhere behind the line defined by two diamonds from the bottom of the table.

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